Don't be fooled by the deceptively simple way Doris is presented. It has the potential to change your life! Challenging us all to reflect honestly upon what really is behind our motivations for making decisions can allow for a whole new mind-set to emerge, and hopefully a more satisfying, authentic life.

Nicole, 54


Wonderful to see a piece of work that shines a light on a part of ourselves few are aware of. ‘Who’s controlling you?’ in its own whimsically light but thought provoking way manages to guide us to what for many will be an ‘aha’ moment.  

Neville, 56


I was pleasantly surprised with the new positive outlook on negative thoughts this book brought me, looking forward to applying these methods to Hughbert (the voice in my head).

Mark, 21


Wanted to send my thanks and congratulations on a brilliant piece of work. You have opened up the world of spirituality to so many that could not understand it before, in a fun and entertaining way. My mother for example has read it though 4 times so far and is obsessed with its concepts. I have been trying to get her to this point for a very long time and you have done it with one foul swoop. WELL DONE! 💙

Gareth, 29


This “Doris” book has clearly hit the nail on the head by delving into the reality of every one of us – without exception!
The author, Ian, obviously sharing his own personal findings, touches on the ups and downs of our daily existence and routines and brings out the bare truth of the little voice inside you, I and every other down to earth person ready to take up this book and boost their individual, private lives.
“Doris” is a delightful book full of relevant realities for those of us who want to seriously improve our ways of life. As serious as Ian writes, the truth is “Doris” is also an entertaining and in some ways, a comical journey touching our deepest truths! Not only does the tone of this book match our lives and inbred habits, the clever play on words drives home the theme core of Who’s controlling you?
Read this book - and learn from one of the best. It comes from the cream of the crop and well worth reading over and over to win the battle of the little voice inside us. Pick up this book, take a deep breath, and get ready to regain control of your life!
This book can only be described as a home run and is a must-have at arms reach!

Les, 60


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