Ian Segail

Ian Segail is recognised as one of Australia’s leading sales strategists and authorities on sales and sales management.

For over 23 years Ian has worked as an executive coach with international retail and service brands, as well as global call centres, to increase sales consistently, faster and at higher margins.

Ian is the author of the renowned sales management book “Bulletproof Your Sales Team” as well as 8 other eBooks.

Having worked with hundreds of people over the years, Ian has noticed a pattern of limiting beliefs holding people back from doing what they want to do. All too often they know what to do, they may even know what they need to do...yet they just can't get themselves to do what they know.

He noticed that people believe they are their thoughts.

Ian says “the book came through him”. (Some will understand this and others won’t.) In any case “Who’s controlling you?” was born. Ian envisions 2 more books in this series.

“Who’s controlling you?” is written to allow people to free themselves from the constraints created within their own minds.

Currently Ian is working with business people to help clear their negative self-talk and self sabotaging beliefs as a certified MAP™ practitioner. The MAP Method™ goes beyond the conscious mind, without hypnosis, treating mental and emotional blocks to help clients to live the life they deserve.


Johan Potma

Johan Potma is a Dutch painter and illustrator who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. His work is made with acrylics and collage on old wooden surfaces like box lids, signs and cigar boxes.

The used materials tell part of the story through the stains, old nails, dents and cracks; the remainder is explained through all sorts of monsters, freaks and oddballs acting out his ideas.

After reading The Doris book, Johan brought to life Doris in a style that appeals to all.
The illustrations are engaging and approachable.




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