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Why this book?

You have an ongoing mental dialogue going on inside your head. Whilst this incessant chatter may sound like you...and you may even believe it is you, is not actually you.
You are not this voice. You are not your thoughts.

The voice you hear inside your head is the sum total of all the programs, thoughts and beliefs you have downloaded from all you’ve been taught.

Until we recognise that we are not our thoughts, and consciously separate those thoughts from ourselves, we will continue to allow them to unconsciously shape our reality.

What you think directly influences how you feel which in turn impacts how you behave. So if you think thoughts of failure and lack, then not only will you feel like a lacking failure, you’ll act from that place of lack and failure. Your actions then reinforce your belief that you are lacking and are a failure.

This book explains in a simple and easy to understand way that the thoughts or feelings showing up in your head at any given moment do not in fact define or control you.

Who’s Controlling You - The Doris Program offers a simple three-step process for separating yourself from your thoughts so you can take back control of your mind.


the writer & illustrator
Ian Segail

Ian Segail is recognised as one of Australia’s leading sales strategists and authorities on sales and sales management.

Johan Potma

Johan Potma is a Dutch painter and illustrator who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. His work is made with acrylics and collage on old wooden surfaces like box lids, signs and cigar boxes.



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